Mapping the Olympics – Olympic Medal Cartogram

Here’s another clever visualization (although I have to say that the color selection used here is pretty poor), this time from Esri using the fun cartographic display method known as a cartogram – FYI, A Gastner-Newman cartogram preserves the general appearance and adjacency of countries while modifying the shape so that the area is proportional to the variable being mapped). Enjoy this presentation by Kenneth Field, Olympic medals: area cartogram – Gastner-Newman cartogram showing Summer Olympic medal haul by nation… fun stuff!

From the map… You can see the impact of mapping Olympic medal totals on the map with the USA, UK, Sweden, France and Germany having proportionally larger areas compared to nations with lower medal hauls.



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    sorry – this cartogram is … ugly. it would be nice if that esri site had a place for comments, or a discussion on how it was made, pros/cons of that algorithm, etc.