500 Year Old Map Could be America’s birth certificate

Wow cool, and you may have thought that America came into existence in 1776! Apparently America may have existed in some form as long as 500 years ago, this according to a recently discovered map that clearly shows a region called “America”, perhaps providing some close ties to Germany!


This from the article on DailyDisruption… When Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel officially handed over the famous map of the world printed by Martin Waldseemüller (ca. 1470 — 1522) to the Library of Congress In Washington in 2007, she referred to it as “a wonderful token of the particularly close ties of friendship between Germany and America.” And indeed, the gesture had great symbolic weight, for the chart — then exactly 500 years old — can be seen as America’s birth certificate. On this map, the New World appears for the first time under the name “America,” chosen to honor the explorer Amerigo Vespucci (1451 — 1512), whom Waldseemüller erroneously regarded as the discoverer of the continent.