Mobile Technology Announcements for the Geo Pro.

Mobile technology is hot and getting hotter, there’s no doubt about that. PC sales are lagging while sales of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are soaring. Interesting to see also that Tablet sales are gaining rapidly while smartphone sales are starting to level off slightly – this due to such high user penetration to date. OF interest I thought were some predictions that reveal that year-over-year, tablet sales are expected to almost double in 2012 compared with 2011 with iOS (iPad) still dominating the market by far, however, expect Android to gain a fair bit of ground, likely due to the wider selection and options, flexibility, open OS, and nicer price point.  Something of interest to those of you who are hot on mobile is the fact that we keep tabs on loads of news and PR announcements that are of interest to the mobile GeoTech user. The following are just some of the relevant announcements that we’ve picked up on lately…(remember, we also operate the popular (est 2003) one of the first news portals devoted entirely to LBS and mobile Geo Technology!


Mesa Rugged Notepad with Android (AOSP) 2.3 operating system, a rugged handheld computer known as the RAMPAGET 6