Microsoft Opens Up Final Windows 8 Release Preview for Download

Yes indeed, Microsoft is now making available a pre-release download of Windows 8 – come and get it! I was first alerted to this via the Register who provided a quick look at some of the features and functionality available to developers. Apparently, this download is the final update to the code that is expected to be released to manufacturers upon release date with a goal of having PCs and other devices released running the OS by the 2012 holiday season. According to the Register, the latest release needs 16GB of space for 32-bit users or 20GB for 64-bit systems and comes in 14 languages, including American English, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. The focus of Win 8 is the Metro Style which touts one Window, multiple views! At 8 developers finally have a touch UI from Microsoft and there’s no doubt that the Tablet industry will be taking a hard look at this, however, one has to be wondering how this will face off against the popular Android OS  and iPad which have a huge head start.

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To grab the Windows 8 Preview See here for complete details and the FAQ. There’s also a handy Win 8 App developers blog for those of you wanting to get a jump start on developing apps for this OS. Finally, see also the Windows Dev Center for more helpful resources. Finally, see this blog post for complete details and many more links about the Windows 8 experience for developers and end users

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