The New Accuweather for iPad – This is how to deliver a mobile experience!

Are you a mobile developer or perhaps a would-be mobile developer? If so then take note of the new mobile iPad app from Accuweather – a fine example of how to deliver an awesome user experience! Accuweather has done all the right things here, right from the get go at point of purchase where they have made available a free (ad supported) and premium version of their latest app – the Pro version is just 99 cents, the perfect price point!

Accuweather has made the app fun and simple to use. A scrollable calendar feature lets the user touch the calendar and scroll in a circular motion to view the forecast for selected days.  The graphics used are very nice, ads are non-intrusive yet effective (and relevant) and the options are pretty impressive.  Like any good app, Accuweather is location-aware, providing the user with relevant information and data for your area. Additionally, a handy map display is also provided where you can easily view a real-time radar map and even play it forward using the animation feature.  If  you happen to be a weather fanatic there’s also a handy news feed providing the latest weather related breaking news (like hurricane information and storm threats).  For those of you in hurricane country there’s a tab specifically for viewing hurricane updates and related news and a social tab brings up all the Accuweather related social media updates from facebook and Twitter.

Kudos to Accuweather on this update… I’ll be coughing up the extra $ for the Pro version on this one simply because you’ve done such a great job and I’m a fan of supporting developers!

See More in the iTunes store by searching “Accuweather” and See also  AccuWeather Launches New iPad App

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2 thoughts on “The New Accuweather for iPad – This is how to deliver a mobile experience!”

  1. Hey there! Thanks for all the good comments. There was lots of high fiving in the mobile department here at AccuWeather because of this review. However, don’t upgrade yet! The new design isn’t on the paid version yet, but is up and coming for phase II. Thank you so much!

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