MapSocial (Beta) Real Time Mapping In Facebook

This week I’ve been messing around a bit with MapSocial, a new, real time mapping service for facebook (I’m also pleased to boast that I think I may have been one of the first public users of this cool service!) . The application is still in Beta, however, you are invited to jump in and create your own maps, share them with friends, and invite others to contribute.  Perhaps the first truly integrated mapping platform for facebook, the app is a great collaboration tool enabling teams to build a map or providing a clever way to take someone on a tour with you. To get started simply create a new map, you can then define the map parameters like the default basemap style, scale and center location. Then begin adding points and places along with custom symbology, descriptions, ratings, and more. The app gets really fun when you begin searching for places nearby and you can even search out foursquare places within a custom defined search area – this is really cool!!  You can register for map social at and see also

MapSocial enables users to do the following:

  • Create custom maps by yourself or with friends
  • Search for maps from the Community
  • Share your maps with friends
  • Search for foursquare places nearby
  • Add points on the map with custom markers and display parameters
  • Include detailed descriptions with your places and include a photo
  • Select from a number of basemap styles and define the map extents and center point
  • Collaborate and communicate with others
  • Take your friends on a tour, attaching them to your location and showing them around the map
  • Much More!

Above you see my first map of Dog Friendly Places. You see my position on the map identified by my picture/icon, along with POIs that I’ve added of dog parks and dog friendly places and their descriptions. I can invite friends to contribute and much more.

A cool feature of MapSocial is the ability to connect with your friends. Here I’ve “connected” with Karl (one of the founders/developers) and I’m dragging Karl around the map (he’s seeing what I’m seeing) and I’m showing him an area of Florida where I used to live. Imagine the possibilities here, perhaps a realtor taking clients on a tour of a neighborhood and showing them a property…

MapSocial is developed by CloverPoint Cartographics of Victoria BC – see @cloverpointvic on Twitter and