Tablets Are Defining the Mobile Market and Shaping the Future

There’s no doubt that the mobile space is thriving, in particular, the tablet ecosystem. The new iPad is selling like hot cakes and new, affordable Android tablets are a compelling option for many businesses, particularly as they struggle to stay lean and also outfit employees with the latest connected devices and sensors.  During 2011, apps in the Apple App Store for iPad grew 180% to more than 140,000 apps by the end of Q4 2011. It’s no wonder that between 2011 and 2011 tablets were the fastest growing mobile market segment!

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

Some interesting research on the mobile ecosystem recently reveals that  between 2010 and 2011 the global installed base of app consumers increased by 104% and get this, the number of new tablet app consumers increased by 58 million. As a result, tablet owners now constitute 8.6% of the installed app consumer base. Based on Q2 projections for tablet shipments in 2012, the installed base of tablet users is set to increase more than 150% by 2013. As tablet users become a larger and larger app downloading segment, their app behavior and preferences will have an increasing influence on the app market. And the numbers for the iPad and iOS market are even more staggering…  see more details on the research

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