Save The Rain Map Mashup Lets You Calculate Your building Rain Footprint

This  web map service I’m pleased to share comes via GeoGeek and awesome mapper from Vancouver, Mark Laudon (@mapsrus). I had the pleasure of meeting Mark recently in Palm Springs at DevSummit where he shared with me his passion for developing apps in his part time – kudos to him on these efforts! One such app is the Save the Rain app ( and he has it entered in the World Bank Apps for Climate Challenge. Save the Rain is a fun yet serious app where anyone can easily locate a building, quickly delineate the building footprint, then generate the rain footprint – the total volume of freshwater used to produce goods. the app then returns a table that gives an idea of the kind and amount of fresh goods that could be grown using the rain water that is potentially saved. The app is built using HTML5 and is fully supported on all major tablet platforms also. See a detailed video HERE and please try the app and give Mark a well deserved vote in the challenge!

Check out Save The Rain at – please give him your vote (competition ends this week) and hit up Mark @mapsrus if you have comments for him!