Safe Software #FMEWT Presentation Archive and a Coming Livestream

This week I managed to free up a day to take in a local event that was hosted by Safe Software, this was part of their FME 2012 World Tour of events.  Honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone (particularly GeoGeeks) wouldn’t take advantage of such an event when they hit your local area. The tour stops are a great way to meet up with local Geo professionals, hear about the latest from FME (they do a great job providing loads of tips and ideas and the sales pitch is minimal) and get some ideas as to how you can use some of the Safe solutions to enhance your productivity. As an added bonus, for any existing customers, if you attend a Safe event they also will provide you with a code you can use for some future free online training… the event really is a win win for all! At the Victoria Bc event we heard directly from Don Murray (@donatsafe)  about what’s new with FME 2012, got some teasers about what’s coming with FME 2013, heard all about the offerings with FME Server (this solution is a MUST consider) and we even heard from a fgew existing customers about how they have been leveraging FME in their daily workflows.  If you didn’t get a chance to catch an event you can browse the Twitter stream on the hashtag #FMEWT for some interesting comments and notes from recent events and you can even check out all the presentation slideshares which are now online – see

Some highlights from our World Tour Event:

  • FME now supports some 278 data formats
  • FME is not just about Geo data!
  • FME 2012 is faster than a helicopter
  • If you ever meet up with Don from Safe be sure to talk XML with him, you’ll have an instant friend!
  • FME 2012 LiDAR cloud support is huge!
  • For some great help resources from Safe be sure to checkout
  • At FME 2012 you get more lizard!

FYI, tomorrow, April 27 Safe will be livestreaming a n FME User event to all – Register Now!

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