The Open Source Public Tree Inventory Platform – OpenTreeMap

Ok, this one is simply too cool not to share! Imagine a complete, open source solution for developing, deploying, and managing an urban tree inventory/management system – enter the OpenTreeMap open Source Solution. Designed with institutions, government, and public agencies in mind (although the public at large is more than welcome to take part)  OpenTreeMap provides the platform to deploy an fully collaborative, dynamic, interactive map-based inventory system to manage your assets.

Now, this isn’t for the light at heart as there’s a substantial list of system, technical, and knowledge requirements, however, everything you need is provided, complete with a fantastic web resource designed to help you along. OpenTreeMap does warn you that specific technical skills are required (Python, PostGIS, GeoServer etc…) and there are also options for a variety of hsoting solutions suggested including Amazon, Azavea and RackSpace.

Once up and running the users will be able to do the following (and more):

  • search tress by species, location, and other characteristics
  • add trees to the DB
  • editor information and attributes
  • upload photos
  • export as KML or CSV
  • calculate ecosystem benefits (modeling)
  • monitor user accounts

See details of OpenTreeMap on Github at