Tornado Risk Report Reveals Tornado Alley Could Cover All States East of The Rockies

I find this tornado and hail risk incident report from CoreLogic to be pretty interesting. Obviously being in tornado alley can be a bit risky but it seems that most tornado damage is now taking place outside of the area known as tornado alley! The report discusses the impact of record-breaking hazard events across the country over the last year for insurance companies and homeowners, and provides greater insight into the extent of severe tornado and hail risk in geographic regions far beyond the Great Plains states.

Some interesting observations noted in the report include:

  • of the top ten states with the highest number of tornado touchdowns between 1980 and 2009, only three actually fell within Tornado Alley
  • At least 26 states have some area facing extreme tornado risk
  • Estimated property damage within the Tornado Alley states from 2000-2011 was approximately $2.5 billion, while in comparison, the 16 states located outside of Tornado Alley with the next highest numbers of tornado touchdowns totaled nearly $15.5 billion
  • At least 11 states have significant areas facing extreme hail risk, and almost every state east of the Rocky Mountains has some area facing a moderate or higher level of hail risk

New maps really need to be drawn and “tornado alley” now ideally should cover over half of the USA! see more in this official news announcement about the report

Perhaps a map of Tornado Alley should look like this! Note: map is by @gletham and not part of the report!