Where Did You Wear it? Mapping Condom Use With foursquare-like checkin

The Atlantic Wire has an interesting article that looks at social checkin, but not any use of the foursquare-like checkin rather, they look at  an effort by a Condom maker to use QR codes on wrappers that grab the location and share on a map. The result is a map generated of condom use locations! From the article…  Users can add information (anonymously, via pull-down box options) about the players involved, what “the safe sex was” like, and why they use condoms; they can also upload that information to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Participants are urged “Sex that safe, should be shared,” which is a great message… Sort of? Source: Atlantic Wire

Users of condoms can answer “Where Did You Wear it?” and get on the map at http://www.wheredidyouwearit.com/check-in 

The survey asks where did you wear it, how was the sex, what room were you in, your age, your gender, why you wore a condom, and your relationship status