Facebook Timeline Feature Comes to Pages – A Preview of our GISuser Page

Unless you happen to be the owner or administrator of a facebook Page – for a company or brand, then you likely wouldn’t even know that today facebook has finally rolled out the timeline feature for pages. For all purpose this simply means that the brand pages that you visit, like our own GISuser page, will now appear pretty much like your own timeline does. For the administrator it adds a little more functionality and redesign, most noteworthy, a new Admin panel that toggles on/off at the top of the page where you can access updates, announcements, messages, and other Admin related items. Interesting to see that there’s absolutely nothing posted about this new update on the facebook blog!

The timeline page feature means the new look will be viewable by the admins for an initial time period of a week and then will be open to all – you should start seeing our GISuser facevook page in timeline mode next week. See http://www.facebook.com/gisusers and please give us a like ;0)


Author: gisuser

Official Twitter account is @GISuser