How to Follow the Esri Federal User Conference #EsriFedCon

It’s February, Ash Wednesday to be precise, and that means it’s time for the Esri Federal User Conference, taking place in D.C this week from Feb 22-24. This is no shorts, flip flops, and back back Geo gathering, rather, we’re talking suits, ties, shiny shoes, and lots of brass! I woke up this morning to a twitter stream lit up like the 4th of July – I’m on the left coast so the event is well under way by the time I drag myself out of the sack. So, how do you follow the event? Naturally, Twitter is where you can access loads of real-time feeds, tips, and commentary. But take note, as is the case with most events, the event hashtag tends to deviate and people start wandering off on their own discussion, this typically thanks to folks making up their own incarnation of an event hashtag to use. Tweeps catch wind of a post, they reply and re-tweet and the new hashtag takes life… the result, discussions all over the place and loads of confusion. So, let me set it straight… the hashtag is NOT #feduc #esrifeduc etc… RATHER, the official hashtag as specified by the Esri Federal User Conference homepage is #EsriFedCon

Adding this hashtag as a column in your Seesmic web client, Tweetdeck, or Hootsuite web client will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

This Table Reserved for @Geo_Rube & @Cageyjames #EsriFedCon

And for some real fun and lively tweeting from D.C. be sure to check out the updates from @Geo_Rube and @Cageyjames – these guys are having some fun on the stream and providing some very decent commentary and feedback. Thanks to @Billfgreer for the inspiration for this image ;0)

Note, mobile device users (iOS) have access to an official iPhone app while at the conference (See iTunes) but attendees have commented on twitter that no Android app is available – something for the future I guess.  I’m sure many folks also would agree that having something similar to what Dave Bouwman and crew from DTS Agile created for the ESRIUC Backchannel app would be really cool for mobile social networking while at these large events – now that would be cool! Finally, keep an eye open at for videos from the event to hit.. likely not for a few weeks I suspect though.

See the official EsriFedCon homepage

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