Latitude Geographics @geocortex Featured in Canada’s National Newspaper For Hiring Interns

Kudos to fellow GeoGeek and U Vic alum Steven Myhill-Jones, founder of Latitude Geographics (Think Esri Platinum Business Partner and developers of GeoCortex) for a fine writeup this week in The Globe & Mail, Canada’s National newspaper, in an interesting report on the hiring of interns and how they can really pay off for a small business.

In the article Myhill-Jones describes how Latitude recently hired an intern (a common practice by the rapidly growing firm). He comments how its an ideal way to hire a young, skilled, worker who is typically motivated and even full of great ideas. Should the internship workout well, like it did in the example, the intern is often offered a full time position. If things don’t work out of there’s no full time spot available, its a win-win as the company has secured some fine labor for a short term need and the student gets another notch on his/her resume. It was interesting to read that of Latitude’s current team, about a quarter of them started at the company via an internship of Co-op work placement.

By the way, yours truly and Myhill-Jones go way back to our University of Victoria days where we were part of the Geography Co-Op program for a couple of years, completing our under grads and getting some excellent, real life experience courtesy of placement in 4 month Co-Op work terms.

See the Full Article on the Globe & Mail website

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