3D Scanning Fossils at the Smithsonian

There’s no question that you can do some really cool stuff with technology, particularly 3D technology! Laser scanning is an amazing technology that many of us in the traditional GIS or mapping space get introduced to at many industry events. The technology is particularly hot in the 3D mapping and LiDAR user community (note: checkout LiDARnews.com for much more detail about this topic). Using laser scanning technology to create massive, detailed 3D point clouds can result in some incredible results… heck, you can even use laser scanners to scan a dinosaur! Check out this cool video below showing how the Smithsonian uses technology from FAROH to turn a whaleinto a living, 3D model (See also https://www.facebook.com/3d.si.edu)

FYI,  Faro 3D Documentation Conference – This event is taking place next week on February 21 and 22 in sunny Orlando, Florida. See more details at http://3d-documentation-conference.com