First Look – LipTricks Fun Valentine Mobile App for Android / iOS rates your Kiss!

Yes indeed, those who know me also know that I’m a bit of a mobile gadget freak… hey, I’m not all geek though, I’m also a bit of a romantic (at times ;0) and I’m a fair bit of fun! So, in an effort to spread a little mobile geeky-ness, a little Valentine smooching romance, and some cool new mobile technology, here’s a first look at the fun, new LipTricks Valentine Mobile App Android / iOS. I shot a quick demo using the Android app on a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Some Details – LipTricks is a fun, new mobile app for iPhone (ios) and Android (available now in the iTunes store and android market for free) that lets people use the app to determine if they are great kissers or if they need a little help! Users can collect badges and share their kissing progress and abilities on facebook too! For more about this burns marketing app see