10 New, Must-Read GIS user Articles of Interest

A number of fun, educational, and interesting articles and blogs have hit GISuser recently. In case you missed out, here’s a quick list of 10 hand-picked, must-read Geo Tech stories… enjoy!

  1. Geospatial Technologies and GIS to model predictive behavior and meth lab locations in Colorado
  2. 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Press Release Doesn’t Suck
  3. Location-Aware Instagram-Like Photo Sharing For Dog Lovers With Dogsly
  4. 2012 Super Bowl Fan Map – Esri Mashup of Football Pick and Political Candidate
  5. B.C., Canada Islands Trust launches MapIT online mapping system
  6. 2011 Salary Survey of GIS Professionals and How We Stack Up Against Others
  7. GIS Geeks Guide to Mastering the ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript
  8. JobMo Career search App For Tablets (iOS, Android) Fantastic Location-Aware App With Superior Results
  9. Mapping the Pacific Garbage Patch and Ocean Currents Moving Plastics and Debris
  10. Even CNN Gets Their Cartography Wrong! Sorry London

meth lab locations colorado springs

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