Webinar – Hear All About FME 2012 From Don and Dale

Recall Safe Software recently announced the release of FME 2012. Well, today you can hear all about it direct from Don Murray  and Dale Lutz at Safe Software. What I’m talking about here is a webinar titled “What’s New in FME 2012″ being put on by the Vancouver-based team. The webinar runs 3X today (Jan 26) at

FME 2012’s enhancements include:

  • New Formats: New support for 16 new formats including: compressed point cloud LAZ format and Oracle Spatial Point Cloud; AIXM 5.1, INSPIRE, OpenGIS® CityGML 1.1, and Top50NL XML formats; Microsoft® DirectX®, and PREGASIS® OpenFlight 3D formats; Google Fusion Tables, and many more.
  • Point Cloud / LiDAR Data
  • XML Data
  • 3D Data: Enhancements include making 3D clipping z-aware

Register for the webinar HERE