MapMyFitness Adds More facebook Timeline Integration

There’s no doubt that many Geo geeks like technology, particularly cool, social mobile, location aware apps that take advantage of Geospatial technologies. MapMyFitness ( is an awesome company that has some great apps (,,,,,, and and just today have announced even more functionality, this via some enhanced facebook timeline integration. The “MapMy” apps are tightly integrated with social media and do a fabulous job of storing and sharing a person’s personal fitness history and more… great stuff!

Some details… Previously, members of the MapMyFITNESS community could share a variety of content with their friends on Facebook, ranging from favorite routes to posts notifying friends to “Live Track” them out on the road via mobile devices. See more – MapMyFITNESS Launches New Social Fitness Apps for Facebook Timeline

Instructions on how to add the service are not clear in the PR announcement
,however, there is some help on the MapMy FB page

 Note: Adding the functionality is not terribly straigh-forward. This would be a great example of a scenario where a video “how to” would be perfect… (hey MapMy team… if you’d like help with this I’m glad to help out ;0) @gletham