Next week Is All About LiDAR in Denver, CO – Featured ILMF Exhibitors

ILMF (International LiDAR Mapping Forum) takes place in Denver, Colorado Jan 22-25, 2012. A number of exhibitors have kept us informed of their plans for the event – see also ILMF Denver, CO, Jan 23-25, 2012 .

Some Key Geo-Tech / LiDAR players and solution providerswill be on the exhibition floor and delivering presentations including: GeoCue, VR Mesh, LizardTech, Earth Eye, GeoDigital, Riegl, Exelis, ERDAS, Cardinal Systems, and Certainty 3D. Be sure to follow for updates from Denver where the NEW, Print Edition of LiDARNews will be launched!
The following are a few updates and reminders from key exhibitors and presenters on what you can expect at the event:

LizardTech Booth# – 203
Basics to LIDAR Workshop by Michael Rosen Presentation title: LiDAR distribution challenges and solutions. Details –
With the increasing use of LiDAR comes a corresponding increase in the frustration of geospatial professionals who need to work with point cloud data. LiDAR files can get unmanageably large very quickly.  This makes the distribution challenge particularly difficult.  In this presentation we will explore the current state of the art approaches to dealing with this problem. At ILMF LizardTech will be showcasing LiDAR Compressor.

Virtual Grid Booth# 95
VirtualGrid specializes in 3D point cloud and mesh processing. VRMesh Survey provides automatic point cloud classification solutions for airborne and mobile LiDAR. Removing vegetation, detecting ground points, extracting building footprints and creating 3D buildings can be automatically done in one click with high accuracy, which work well under extreme variations in terrain. Shape file is supported. Find out more VirtualGrid ( will announce the availability of VRMesh v7.0 Survey at International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2012. Visit us at Booth 95 (Jan 23rd – 25th, 2012, Denver) to learn about breakthrough technologies in point cloud classification for airborne and mobile LiDAR. Stop by Booth 95 at ILMF 2012 for a live demonstration.

Riegl Booth# 117
The company will be promoting the new VQ-820-G Hydrographic Airborne Laser Scanner. Dr. Ullrich will be speaking on Monday, January 23, 2012 – Plenary Session:  Data Acquisition:  Room Centennial FGH Echo Digitization, Full Waveform analysis and online waveform processing in airborne laser scanning; Joshua France will be presenting at the Basics to LiDAR Workshop Series – Best Practices from acquisition to LAS file export for mobile mapping Systems on Tuesday, January 24th from 12:00 1:00.

GeoDigital Booth# 313
GeoDigital International, a worldwide leader in corridor and wide area digital mapping has the largest fleet of LiDAR and digital imaging sensors in North America.  From multiple data acquisition platforms, to online geo-data delivery and mobile work management software solutions GeoDigital is focused on innovative, customer-driven solutions. See the company’s solutions at booth 313

Exelis Booth# 107
See E3De Software at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum in booth #107. E3De is an interactive software environment for professionals who want to utilize raw LiDAR point cloud data to enhance their geospatial products.  With E3De, you can easily create realistic 3D visualizations, extract 3D features from a scene, or produce 3D products and layers that you can fuse with 2D data for further analysisis
GeoCue Booth# 208
GeoCue Corporation ( is a software development and consulting services company specializing in geospatial production management solutions. The company will be demonstrating the GeoCue product family of integrated solutions at booth #208.  These products provide an  integrated end-to-end processing framework that, when combined with industry leading production tools, significantly reduces production time from data acquisition to finished product. QCoherent ( is an innovative provider of high-capacity LIDAR software.

ERDAS/Intergraph Booth# 302
Intergraph will showcase the full Intergraph and ERDAS product portfolio in booth 302, with special emphasis on the products’ LiDAR and point cloud functionality. In addition, we will present “High Resolution Point Clouds” during the ILMF Basics to LiDAR Workshop Series, detailing the applications and benefits of high-resolution point clouds from sensors such as the Leica ALS or stereo imagery processing software such as LPS eATE. For more information about our LiDAR technology, visit

Earth Eye Booth# 200
Jason Amadori, GISP, CEO will be presenting on the New York City DOT LidAR Mobile Collection Project Earth Eye just completed Wednesday afternoon from 1:30-2:30. Earth Eye is focused on the application of technology to solve the complex challenges of today’s infrastructure and geospatial needs. We achieve this through the use of automated and manual processes that leverage data fusion from multiple sensors. The end result is is a higher level of situational awareness and better decision-making capabilities for our clients. At Earth Eye, we live and breathe technology to give our clients the ability to save time and money.

Certainy 3D Booth# 118
Certainty 3D, LLC is based in Orlando, FL. Certainty3D’s dedicated and experienced professionals are committed to increasing the operational and financial success of our customer’s design-build operations through the application of 3D imaging technology. In this still emerging technology, our experience spans decades. We differentiate ourselves in the market by offering products focused not just on technology but our customer’s success. Consider our TopoDOT processing tool suite. Designed as a MicroStation application, we understood the value to the customer of accessing 3D image data—point clouds, calibrated images, survey data, etc.—across all Design-Build operations. TopoDOT tools are effective and easy to learn. We developed operational workflows to maximize efficiency while assuring quality. And we offer TopoDOT with a very flexible web-based license program and price designed to facilitate adoption and maximize returns to our customers.

Cardinal Systems Booth# 308
VrLiDAR’s feature extraction tools are revolutionizing vector collection in today’s marketplace.  The concept is simple, deliver a better product, in a shorter time, under tighter budget constraints.  Cardinal Systems introduced their newest module, VrLiDAR, to address this current direction within the mapping community. Cardinal Systems will be exhibiting VrLiDAR at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum in Denver. Please stop by Booth #308 for a demonstration of what everyone is talking about.

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