A MUST Read – Fast 50 Technology Job Trends and Fastest Growing Job Categories

I  often simply pass over much of the job related research that comes out at year end. You know, those end of year Top trends articles that we get bombarded with each year as the calendar turns. But today some research got my attention. The report touts some of the 50 top trends and buzz words in the freelancing space – obviously a hot area in this down economy.  Just today, Freelancing.com has announced its 50 fastest growing online job categories for the last quarter of 2011.

Some interesting findings, particularly for those of us in mobile, Geo Tech, and location technology as some very applicable trends and relevant categories are highlighted in the findings. Most notably, I picked up on some of the following that you may wish to take into consideration:

  • Android jobs rocketed up 33%
  • Data Entry jobs exploded in Q4 up 54%
  • Programming jobs likewise exploded in Q4 2011
  • HTML5 continues to grow strongly, up 41%
  • Amazon Web Services Jobs were up 24% (although “the cloud” has yet to register
  • Social Networking (up 26% to 5,276) jobs continued to fly. Google+ jobs appeared for the first time

Some pretty interesting reading… I suggested all of you consultants, contractors, students, and those of you contemplating a career move have a read of this interesting report.

See the PR – Freelancer.com Fast 50 Job Trends for Q4 2011 Shows the Technology Industry In Full Swing