War Horse Journey Time Map by Dreamworks and Microsoft (Bing)

A new movie promotional effort has been put together for Dreamworks and Microsoft (Bing) for the movie War Horse – the entire project done using AJAX.  This from the developers… After months of research into the battlefields of World War One and development of the TimeMap code for the AJAX version of BING maps, we are proud to announce the launch of  “The War Horse TimeMap Journey”  on MSN USA.

For this project, DreamWorks and Microsoft commissioned Shoothill to create an experience for online users to be able to follow the fictional horse Joey from southern England to the Western Front in France using archive material from World War One. And, we have put together an “edutainment” piece using Bing Maps, Deep Zoom and Azure to tell the fictional story of Joey (the horse) and his owner Albert’s journey from Devon to the trenches of WWI through the use of scans of real trench maps, aerial reconnaissance imagery of the battles, historic imagery of real war horses and Calvary officers from the Dragoon Guards War Diary extracts from the beginning of the war.

The project is built entirely on AJAX and has been optimised for PC, Mac and IPad.

To see the online exhibit please go to: http://movies.msn.com/warhorse/map/

Author: gisuser

Official Twitter account is @GISuser