Geography, Technology, and Photography Meet For Amazing National Geographic Assignments

Here’s a interesting tip about some very cool work being done by the amazing National Geographic Society (NGS) that takes into account several of my passions, geography, technology, and photography… the result, some cutting edge, amazing photography that NGS can share with the World. Reps from NGS made me aware of a very cool resource known as Field Test, this is an awesome resource that takes you behind the scenes, showing you in detail just how National Geo photographers employ amazing technology to capture special, never before seen moments from far away, remote locations.

Imagine photographers and their teams using technology like remote controlled helicopters, camera equipped vehicles, night vision, IR cameras, and camera traps in order to shoot photos from special vantage points, resulting in amazing images to share with readers. That’s exactly what National Geographic is doing.  This from NGS… In the first assignment, renowned photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols is working on a new project in Africa photographing Serengeti lions. Backed by a team of National Geographic experts, Nichols is deploying a remotely operated helicopter to dangle a camera above a pride of predator and a toy car to drive a camera within a few feet of the big cats. Read his dispatches from the field to Washington, DC based National Geographic senior editor here.

For more about Field Test, Assignment of a lifetime see HERE

A lioness gets to know a new creature on the savanna
Photo credit: ©National Geographic/Michael Nichols