Google Enlists Crowd Sourced Community For Map Maker Canada

Yes indeed Canada, you finally have access to Google Map Maker, Google’s crowd-sourcing effort that enables you to contribute and clean up Google map data – Think OSM for Google!  Map Maker was launched months ago in the US and is also available in many other countries around the Globe, now finally Canada gets it too. This from the Google Lat/Long blog…

Today we’re opening the map of Canada in Google Map Maker for users to add their expert local knowledge directly to Google Maps. Users know their neighborhood or hometown best, and with Google Map Maker they can ensure the places they care about are richly represented on the map.

Users can help make the map complete in many ways such as marking hiking paths and trails, fixing the name of a local business, or adding the buildings of a college campus so they appear in Google Maps. We’ve seen incredibly detailed contributions from users worldwide, for example, take a look at the map of a shopping mall in California before and after Map Maker was launched. We’re eager to see the same level of detail for locations throughout Canada.

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