eBLASTER Mobile – A solution to Monitor Mobile activity to curb London riot activity?

With the shocking events transpiring on the streets of London and other UK cities recently the demand for mobile solutions designed to trace the communications of Blackberry device users has come up. One Florida based company has come up with a solution that does just that. eBLASTER Mobile for Blackberry (also available for Android) is such a solution that is designed to track, monitor and record the communications of BB device users – the company boasts that such a solution could have potentially helped to combat the recent riots of London.

eBLASTER Mobile for BlackBerry sends detailed phone activity right to a parent or guardian’s email address. No matter if youths are in the next room, at school, across town, or across the globe, the person doing the monitoring will know EXACTLY what their children or charges are doing on their smartphones, as well as their physical location.

With eBLASTER Mobile for BlackBerry, monitoring individuals are notified of all:

  • SMS/Text and MMS Messages
  • BlackBerry Messenger Chats
  • Instant Messages Sent and Received
  • GPS or Cell Site Locations
  • Edits to contacts, calendar, and task events
  • Emails Sent and Received
  • Voice Call Logs
  • Copies of all Photos Taken, Sent Immediately