facebook video chat – my first call and a first look

Yep, facebook has rolled out video chat using Skype technology, just what most of us guessed was coming. Here’s a quick look at the UI as seen by creating a chat session from https://www.facebook.com/videocalling.

Perhaps no rocket science here, particularly since Google beat facebook to the punch with the launch of last week’s Google + service, however, with the incredible clout and userbase of teens and tweens and those seeking friendship and socializing, facebook chat will be huge! I’ll be interested to see if this comes to facebook mobile clients as well, that will be massive! Interesting to note that with Microsoft’s recent purchase of Skype (this deal has not been finalized yet) there’s no doubt that Nokia + Microsoft and the launch of Windows Phone powered devices coming late 2011, that a Nokia smartphone “with built-in facebook Skype” will likely be hotly promoted by Nokia… my guess!

From the facebook blog… For those of us who have been working on this, it’s particularly exciting to bring video calling to over 750 million people. We’re making this available in over 70 different languages, so friends can stay in touch all over the world. See also the facebook Live channel for live updates from fb HQ

facebook video chat – my first call
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