LightSquared pitches modified spectrum plan to the FCC

LightSquared has formally presented the company’s modified spectrum plan to the FCC. The proposal outlines a three-part solution for resolving GPS interference issues involving GPS devices, which was detailed in recommendations filed at the FCC today.

This from Lightsquared… Despite the GPS industry’s claims, the FCC does not face a stark choice between reliable GPS service and a new competitor in the broadband market. In fact, the testing results released today show LightSquared’s proposed solution resolves interference for approximately 99.5 percent of all commercial GPS devices- including 100 percent of the 300 million GPS-enabled cell phones. See details of the latest plan in this announcement

Recall also that Esri has recently announced that a special forum will take place at the Survey Summit to address the Lightsquared issue – See Surveyors to Discuss LightSquared Issue at Survey Summit-ACSM Annual Conference