ArcGIS + SimpleGeo to Build an Enterprise Class Checkin Widget for Blackberry Playbook Tablet

The Webmapsolutions gang have been doing some really cool, cutting edge work developing mobile apps and services with the ArcGIS APIs for Blackberry. Using an ArcGIS API vi a custom app developed to run on Blackberry Playbook, the guys at Webmapsolutions have created a custom tool using the Playbook’s built in GPS to make a call to the SimpleGeo servers to retrieve location information that is then used to integrate checkin data and functionality into a custom app. In this case the checkin is actually used in a more commercial type of app rather than purely for gaming or fun… an interesting concept! Imagine a mobile field worker using the widget to checkin to a job in the field, doing so results in data and other relevant job data being pushed to the worker – pretty cool stuff! See more details in this article