US Census Bureau TIGER data and KML and GML export via the WeoGeo Market

There’s no question that for many, working with the US Census Bureau’s TIGER data can be a bit of a head ache (See – recall, TIGER/LineShapefiles are spatial extracts from the Census Bureau’s MAF/TIGER database, containing features such as roads, railroads, rivers, as well as legal and statistical geographic areas. To help you extract and use these data the WeoGeo team has some nifty solutions available to user of the WeoGeo Market (See for example this Arizona TIGER data). Via the WeoGeo blog, the team recently discussed how they have now added support for KML and GML data output. So how does this play in to the users of US Census data? Well, imagine this, using the WeoGeo market, registered users can now easily access TIGER SHP files sourced from the US Census Bureau and convert theses data to KML for further use and analysis.

See an example in this blog post as the scenario shows how simple it is to zoom to an area of interest, preview TIGER data layers (Census blocks, block groups, and tracts in this example) , download the data in KML, then open in Google earth with data attributes now accessible within the KML data.

Clipping TIGER data in the WeoGeo Market

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