CloudMade Acquires OneStepAhead – supports developers with free cross-platform tool

Interesting news as CloudMade (think OSM, MapZen etc…) Acquires OneStepAhead… recall is was several months ago when CloudMade Raised $12.3 Million in Series B Funding (see It was back in July 2010 when the company announced that the investment “will drive vast industry opportunities to monetize and innovate with location products and bring mapping to the masses”. According to the PR, OneStepAhead is a key company setting the pace in the design and implementation of next generation navigation software. The deal merges CloudMade’s expertise in the fields of geo-platforms and developer tools with OneStepAhead’s unique on-device map caching, update and rendering technologies. Details of the buyout are found in this PR

For the developer… the OneStepAhead Deal supports developers with free cross-platform tool. This from CloudMade… “The acquisition will enable CloudMade to support its fast growing developer community of 16.200 developers with free tools and services to build innovative location based apps that transform user experiences across all iOS and Android devices and the Web. Hybrid maps will give developers the freedom to create location-enabled applications with maps that are always up-to-date, fast to load and navigable even in areas of poor network coverage.” See more in the announcement

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