3D Measuring in Google Earth Pro

A fun update from the Google Earth team this week as they provide details of advanced measuring in 3D.  So, why measure in 3D? Here’s a sampling of whay you want to do this from Google Lat Long Blog … “3D Measurements can be used by engineers to plan wind farms, real estate firms to determine skyline views for new high rise buildings, construction companies to measure the materials needed for a retrofitting, architects to calculate the space between buildings, and more.”

How it Works – To measure buildings and distances between buildings, just turn on the 3D Buildings layer and click the Ruler Tool icon in the toolbar. If you’re running Google Earth Pro, you’ll notice two new tabs for measuring in 3D: 3D Path and 3D Polygon. Once you do this you can then accomplish the following:

  • Measure the area of the face of a 3D building
  • Measure the height or width of a 3D building
  • Measure the distance between a building and a point on the ground or another building

Image Credit (Google)

Advanced Measurement in 3D and more can be accomplished with the new Google earth Pro, also available as a free 7 day download – try it for free for 7 days or buy Google Earth Pro today

Related news… also of interest is the recent release of Google Earth Engine. From Google Labs…  Google Earth Engine brings together the world’s satellite imagery—trillions of scientific measurements dating back more than 25 years—and makes it available online with tools for scientists, independent researchers, and nations to mine this massive warehouse of data to detect changes, map trends and quantify differences to the earth’s surface.  Using this new tool, we’ve already begun helping scientists develop applications for detecting deforestation and mapping land use trends, and have started working with individual countries to develop their own applications.