So, why Social Media? A few Pointers from @BrianSolis

In a recent webinar on social media for business, Brian Solis (@BrianSolis) offered up some numbers and trends in Social Media (Search out the webinar hashtag #CCSMM) and the numbers are astounding, to say the least! Granted, many of the examples are geared towards business that are traditional B2C, however, the numbers are so staggering that no business can ignore this form of communication. Case in point, more than 160 million users of Twitter; in excess of 500 million facebook users and get this, over 160 million mobile facebook users – these are the “power” users! There are over 3.5 million foursquare users and an additional 22,000 new ones ever day. And don’t forget YouTube with more than 9 billion video streams a month, rapidly becoming a go to search engine for many people – think social search!

Solis added a few reasons to consider each of Twitter and facebook. typically, people use facebook to fan or like pages in order to show that they are a customer, they do this as a show of support, they often are looking for discounts, they may want something fun, and they are eager to learn about your brand.

Regarding Twitter, people will typically friend you because they are already a customer, they want discounts, they craze access to exclusive content and they want to be the first to know about things. Finally, joining you n Twitter connects them with you and makes them feel part of a community.

Some food for thought from Solis…

  • It’s not what you say its what they say that counts
  • People are looking at social media to get direction, experience, passion from you
  • Social influence – consumers and the brand directly are the greatest sources of information
  • 63% of business find that WOM marketing is the most effective way to market their business and find new customers
  • Social media facilitates communication
  • Social Media Complements marketing activities and existing practices
  • Helps to reach and motivate customers
  • Think social media marketing – the ability to turn social networking into commerce, loyalty, and advocacy
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