Mobilize your ArcGIS via the ArcGIS API for iOS and via PDF Maps reader for iOS

I’m hoping now that with the release of the Esri ArcGIS API for iOS that we’ll finally start seeing some awesome, location-aware and location intelligent iPhone apps hitting the market, rather than the fluffy, wanna-be, geo smart apps that are currently flooding the market. Case in point, in a recent search for a mobile app from our local bus transit corporation, all that comes up i the iTunes shop is a basic third=party app that actually seems to be an “official” app, however, upon use of the app one realizes that all it appears to do is scrape a couple of RSS feeds and pulls static PDF documents of bus schedules from the web – indeed its a disappointing, total fail of an application.. even worse, its a paid for app that I imagine many unsuspecting users are paying good $$ for only to realize that they bought another app that fails to deliver anything useful. A search for an official app from our local transit provider turned up nothing… amazing considering the fine GIS department they have, no doubt with a wealth of data locked up. (Let me contrast this with a free iOS app from U Michigan that even serves up real-time bus pick up data like “next bus arriving in 2 minutes” – this is the kind of info people want and need on their mobile app)

I suspect that now that the API for iOS from Esri many local governments, utilities, and other power, enterprise users will quickly start mobilizing their data and extending  reach of this fabulous data to the masses.  To download or get more information about ArcGIS API for iOS, visit the ArcGIS Resource Center

A reminder, that users of the popular MAPublisher cartographic software can now also easily mobilize their data and projects, extending the reach of the app to the mobile arena thanks to the release of the free PDF Maps reader for iOS. About the app… PDF Maps is the first application of its kind designed specifically for using geographically-aware PDF files on portable devices and opens the door to allowing any map to be GPS-aware. It will give users the power to interact with georeferenced PDF maps and images directly from their iOS device with viewing performance levels well above other mobile PDF viewing applications. See more details