A QuickLook at Facebook Places

So, by now I’m sure most of you facebook users have heard that FB is now integrating more location sharing, this via the “Places” service. Driven by a partnership with Microsoft – think Bing Maps – the service enables facebook users to now check-in and share their location directly within facebook – personally I feel like I already do that via foursquare, GoWalla, and other apps that have a direct facebook connect setup so maybe I’m missing all the hooplah!

To use Places via your mobile you’ll need to update your mobile app (facebook for iPhone has a new update) or you can also hit the site using a mobile web browser by visiting touch.facebook.com.  For a little more info, Chris Pendleton (@BingMaps) of Microsoft Bing offers up a few tips on his blog including… “Just like that, the check-in will flow to your profile on Facebook.com complete with a Bing Map, a pin of your location and any commentary you’ve added to your check-in. Places also includes the ability to see where your friends have checked in, a link to get directions to a place (via Bing Maps) and a Like button for the respective place page. The place information bubbles up to the actual Places page which has a larger map experience, plus an update for you to see all of your friends who’ve visited that location. This means you can see where your friends are checking and discover new places.”

Unfortunately I can’t actually test Places on my facebook Mobile as I’m in Canada and in all the freaking wisdom of the app, the service comes to an abrupt halt at the 49th parallel… although apparently service in my region is coming soon… “thanks for your patience”