Free Haitian Creole Language Learning App for iPhone and iPod touch

In support of the disaster relief efforts now going on in Haiti, Transparent Language Inc. has pushed a Free Haitian Creole version of Byki for iPhone to the Apple App store. Developed and released in record time, Byki Haitian Creole for iPhone is now available at no charge from the iTunes App Store to any iPhone or iPod Touch owner. Byki for iPhone Haitian Creole lets users quickly learn the most important words and phrases of the language, including native speaker pronunciation. Also, Byki for iPhone’s searchable Phrasebook feature should be of particular value to any iPhone or iPod Touch users deploying in the relief effort. It allows users to search in English or in Haitian Creole to quickly find meanings for words and phrases. see



  1. Danny says

    If you don't have an iPhone or iPod touch, check out check out “Haitian Creole In Translation: Medical Phrase Pronunciation Guide” on ALTA's Beyond Words blog:

    It's a free language resource created for the relief effort in Haiti. Based in part on the British Red Cross Emergency Multilingual Phrasebook, the audio guide can be listened to online or downloaded for later use on any MP3 compatible device. It provides 52 Haitian Creole emergency medical phrases for those working in the field.