Tales from the Gypsy and your chance to score the Akoha VIP Starter Deck and Pay it Forward!

Over on the Gypsybandito blog, my social networking buddy, CT Moore, has posted details of a cool give-away that he just rolled out. The “gypsy” is giving away an Akoha VIP Starter Deck to one lucky commentor – just check out this blog post, make a comment, and you could score a cool prize. Big deal you might think.. well, read on and I’m sure you’ll change your tune!

He tells us about Akoha, a web-based game with reality-based play designed to make the world a better place by changing the way people think about acts of kindness (a handy intro video is provided by CT).

You can check it out at http://akoha.com/ although keep in mind, it’s still in Private Beta. Simply put, Akoha is a social reality game where players take part in real life missions and earn point by playing it forward! Imagine, using the special cards you take a turn and select a card, perhaps it tells you to buy someone a coffee. You go do it and then its their turn to Play it forward etc… you get the idea! Indeed, this is a rather feel-good game whcih can have some really cool perks for everyone involved (not to mention make you feel really good!) Oh, and keeping with the spatial focus of this blog (ya I know, I tend to deviate a little at times) the game also takes advantage of the Google Maps API to provide some location component to the game, enabling players to track the game in space seeing exatly where players were located when they played… great idea!

Learn how to play at http://community.akoha.com/help/learn/ and remember, you can get yourself your own cool set of playing cards by laying a comment on my buddy CT Moore right here… happy holidays and thanks for the tip to the Gypsy! I”m gonna go drop a comment cuz I gotta get me one of those decks!

akoha - play it forward

akoha - play it forward